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Security & Privacy Policies

Precision Roller considers your security and privacy to be our primary concern. Here, you will find some of the measures we take to ensure that you have a safe shopping experience.

Security Policy

Your security is our primary concern. To ensure safe shopping, we use 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption security, which is the highest level of security available today for secure e-commerce transactions. All pages containing your personal information, including credit card numbers, name, and address are encrypted while in transit. That means it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. SSL encryption makes shopping on the Internet the safest way to use your credit card. It is much safer than making a purchase in a store or charging your dinner in a restaurant.

Privacy Policies

We understand that many people are concerned about the way companies transfer and store their personal information on the Internet. As our customer, or as a visitor on our site, we respect your privacy. While on our site, we may collect certain information about you and your visit. To place an order or create an account with us, you will be asked to provide your name, address, and other information pertinent to your order. This information is used strictly to process your order and manage your account, and will not be shared with any other party except if required by law. During your visit, we may also place a temporary "cookie" (a small piece of information) on your computer. This cookie allows a smooth shopping experience using our online cart, and is designed to be removed as soon as you close your browser. We also collect general traffic information about visits on our site. This information is grouped together and does not contain data about you personally. We do this to gain a better understanding of the needs of our visitors and to improve our services.

Quick link reference to our privacy, security and seals

  • What does the Verisign certificate do?
    The Verisign certificate protects you. We have passed Verisign's strictest verification and authentication procedure, which allows you to be sure you know who you are purchasing from. Verisign has completed a stringent checklist of activities to ensure that we really are who we claim to be. The value of this process cannot be underestimated, and it is this that has been the foundation of Verisign‘s enviable reputation as the most well-known and trusted independent Certification Authority (CA). The certificate is designed to let you know you can trust us when you consider communicating or transacting with us, by verifying that we are who we say we are.

    After completion of the certification process, Verisign has provided us with a secure key (certificate) that cannot be spoofed by any other site. This certificate guarantees information privacy and protects information in transmission between our web server and your computer using the highest level of encryption possible. This means that the information travelling between your browser and our site is not visible to any other party.
  • What does McAfee Secure seal mean to you?
    McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
    This site is tested and certified daily to pass the "McAfee Secure" Security Scan. To help address concerns about possible hacker access to your confidential data, and the safety of visiting this site, the "live" McAfee Secure mark appears only when this site passes the daily McAfee Secure tests. McAfee Secure sites are tested daily for more than 15,000 vulnerabilities.
  • How McAfee Secure Scan Works
    McAfee Secure certification is achieved by passing rigorous daily network security audits. The certification process is completed in six steps. The first three steps are the vulnerability audit itself; comprised of Dynamic Port Scanning, Port-level Network Services Vulnerability Testing, and Web Application Vulnerability Testing. The fourth and fifth steps are alerts whenever vulnerabilities are detected and remediation management using our extensive vulnerability management portal. The result is highly effective, pro-active security. For more information please visit McAfee.

        Step 1 - port discovery scan
        Step 2 - network services vulnerability scan
        Step 3 - web application scan
        Step 4 - alerting
        Step 5 - analysis and remediation
        Step 6 - McAfee Secure certification
  • How is the BBBOnLine accredited businesses important to me?
    When you are ready to make a purchase, you want to know that the company you will be doing business with is reputable. The Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers find reputable companies since 1912.

    As a member of the Better Business Bureau and BBBOnLine, we have made a commitment to the high levels of ethical business practices and customer satisfaction that the BBB expects in a reputable business. We have a satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau and we are committed to upholding the Bureau's policies regarding any possible customer concerns that might arise.

    BBB accredited businesses are businesses and firms which meet tough BBB accredited business standards, agree to follow the highest principles of business ethics and voluntary self-regulation, and have accepted an invitation from us to join.

    BBB accredited businesses are subject to the same scrutiny we give all businesses. Staunchly neutral, we provide reports on a business' general background and consumer complaint history, if any. These reports cover accredited and non-accredited businesses alike.

    As a rule, a BBB accredited business report will contain:
    General Background: Information about the length of time a business has been in business and known to the BBB;
    Complaint History: A summary of the business' complaint history and other experience in the marketplace; and/or
    Pertinent Information: Information developed through special BBB investigations and relevant government actions.
    The Better Business Bureau name is almost universally recognized by online users. Just under 90% of online shoppers say they would feel more confident buying from a site displaying the BBBOnLine accredited businesses seal, than from one that does not. The BBBOnLine accredited businesses seal is backed by the credibility of the Better Business Bureau system, which brings over 90 years of trust to the newest marketplace — the Internet.
  • What do I gain from a Safe Shipping network site?
    People are simply tired of searching the web only to find thousands of irrelevant and often absurd web sites. The SSN is a guide to the tested best shopping websites in the world. High quality web sites earn high scores because they are owned by business people who care about quality. The web sites listed in the Safe Shopping Network have been tested by SSN to help you decide which ones you should shop at. You can see each web site's scores by looking at the bars on the right side of each web site listing. Higher bars mean higher scores and higher scores mean these merchants are working hard to earn your trust. SSN takes the trouble to test and score each web site for you. This provides you with objective information from an objective source: Safe Shopping Network.
  • What are SSN Safety Ratings?
    Safety ratings indicate how safe it is to shop at a particular website. High quality web sites earn high scores because they are owned by business people who care about quality. Higher bars mean higher scores and higher scores mean these merchants are working hard to earn your trust.
    You can see Precision Rollers web site scores to the left.
  • How much information must I share?
    The amount and type of information we collect from you depends on your activities and use of our Web site. Below, we explain what information we collect.
  • When you browse our Web site
    • IP address - We collect your IP address to measure our Web site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience.
    • Referral Web site. If you come to our Web site via a link, we collect the location of the link that referred you.
    • Browser type. We collect information about the browser you are using to help optimize our Web site for visitors.
    • Movements through our Web site. We keep track of pages you visit to help provide you with a more personalized shopping experience.
  • When you make purchases through our Web site
    • We collect your name, address and payment information to process your order. However, you may provide credit card and purchase order numbers by telephone.
    • We collect information contained in “cookies,” such as your purchases and log in data, to personalize your shopping experience. Your browser must be set to accept cookies if you wish to add items to a shopping cart.
  • When you create an Account on our Web site
    We collect your user name, password, e-mail address and a unique account number assigned to you. This method helps protect your Account from other users. You can help us ensure your privacy by not sharing your account number or password.
  • When you request a catalog through our Web site
    We collect your company name, name, address, telephone number and type of business.
  • When you communicate with us through our Web site
    We collect your e-mail address and the other information that you provide in order to respond to your communication.
  • Is my personal or account information used for any other purpose?
    • We may use your personal and account information to provide products or services you have requested, respond to a communication from you, contact you, and as otherwise described in this policy.
    • We may also analyze and act upon your personal and account information as part of our standard business practices. We occasionally purchase from third parties commercial information such as company size, number of employees and annual sales of other companies. We may use this commercial information along with your personal and account information to customize our offerings to you, as well as for our internal use.
  • How can I correct inaccurate information?
    You may correct some personal and account information maintained in your Account through your Account. To correct any other information, please contact your account manager or call us Toll Free: at (800) 323-9523.

Precision Roller is committed to protecting your privacy. That is because we base our business on the trust you place in us. This policy describes our practices regarding personal and account information collected through our Web site. In this policy, "personal and account information" means your name, company name, account number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address plus any other information that personally identifies you, including your industry, the number of employees at your company, and purchase history, or would permit us to contact you, and "we" and "us" means Precision Roller.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy from time to time; the effective date noted above will indicate the date that this policy was last updated. You should visit our Web site periodically to review any changes.